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Communion Pall

All altar linens are made of pre-shrunk 100% pure linen.  While
the descriptions and standard sizes given are common, all
pieces can be made to your specifications, usually at no extra
cost.  Hems are stitched by machine, while all embroidery is
done by hand. Linens may be ordered without embroidery.
Fair linens and Credence cloths come with their own roller and
protective dust wrap. Hand-sewn punched hemstitching is
available on all linens, please enquire.

Fair Linen
Used to cover the altar, the standard fair linen is sized to cover
the width of the altar with 18” drops at either end. Hems at
front and back are 1” while those at the ends are 3”.  
Embroidery is 5 crosses placed with one in the centre and one at
each corner of the altar.  

Credence /Communion Table Cloth
The standard cover is made to cover the width of the table with
8” drops at either end.  Hems at the front and back are 1” wide,
while those at the ends are 2".  Embroidered cross placed at front

Communion Pall
A 6" or 7" square of rigid plastic with linen covering.
Embroidery is a cross on center top.  

Chalice Veil
A 20" square of linen used to cover the chalice has 1" hems and
mitered corners. Embellished with a cross embroidered in the
centre or at front edge.

A 21" square of linen with 1" hems, mitered corners and
embroidery at front centre

A 12" square of linen with a cross embroidered in the centre.  
Embroidery can be placed in the corner, please specify on the
order form.

Lavabo Towel
Lavabo towels have a cross embroidered on one end and come in
two sizes, large (12"x18") and small (7”X12")

Baptismal Towel
Linen towel has a shell embroidered on one end.  Large
measure (12"x18") small (7"x12")

Private Communion Linens
Set of six miniature linens made for use with portable
communion sets consists of corporal, veil, pall and 3
purificators.  Pieces may also be purchased separately - prices
available on request